Smith Sisters {Gilbert Photographers}

How cute are these sisters?!  They were so fun to photograph!  I love seeing how different their personalities are but how much alike they look!  There were a few pictures where they look like triplets!  I have photographed Braelyn-the youngest of the 3- a few times before (including her high school grad pictures and her college grad pics!) so it was fun to have her back in front of my camera.

Braelyn {Gilbert Senior Photographer}

Oh man I loved photographing Braelyn again!  I took her high school senior pictures and know I got to take her college senior pictures!  I drove down to Tucson to take these at UofA. We were able to walk all around campus and photograph in all her favorite spots and all the areas that remind her of her college days!  Congrats Braelyn!

Stolworthy Family {Photographers in Arizona}

This is such a fun family and it’s been so fun photographing them every year! They always color coordinate perfectly!  There are 5 siblings, 2 married-ins, and 3 kiddos (one in a belly in this pic!)  Beautiful family!!

Shawn Linam {Gilbert Photographers-Headshots}

Shawn needed some new headshots because she is an engineer/rocket scientist extraordinaire!  She has been involved in projects outside of work that encourage girls to get involved in STEM careers…currently a male dominated career.  She needed some images because there have been so many articles written about her!  I always love having strong, smart, down to earth women in front of my camera!

River {Senior Pictures AZ}

It has been a while since I have blogged…but not without good reason!  I had a baby and have been so busy with her, my two other kids, and Arizona’s busy season for photography that blogging got pushed to the back burner!

But here is the beautiful River!  I had so much fun photographing her again.  You can see the other session we did together in 2015 HERE…. one of my favorites! River, you are always so sweet and kind and I know you have a bright future ahead of you!