The Hair Chronicles- Gatsby Styled Wedding Hair

I teamed up with the wonderful, talented and creative ladies at Babydoll Weddings to create some beautiful wedding hair and makeup looks.  They created a total of 5 incredible looks and I’ll be revealing one a week!

If you missed the first post in The Hair Chronicles, check out the Boho Wedding Hairstyle here.

This look is a Gatsby inspired look paired with more dramatic makeup.  Babydoll Weddings took this style and gave it 3 different looks.

The first look screams Gatsby!  And you of course can’t have Gatsby without a statement headpiece!

The second look transformed the long curls into an undo and added a floral.

The third look they put in a diamond hairpiece.

The Hair Chronicles- Boho Wedding Hair

I teamed up with the wonderful, talented and creative ladies at Babydoll Weddings to create some beautiful wedding hair and makeup looks.  They created a total of 5 incredible looks and I’ll be revealing one a week!

First up, is a Boho look.  This is perfect for girls with longer hair who want their hair long and down, but still styled.  Babydoll Weddings paired this hair style with natural & soft makeup.  There are 4 ways you could pull this look off:

First, is with some simple flowers in the braid.

Second would be with a diamond studded barrette.

Third would be with a headband.

And forth would be plain with nothing else in the hair.

Captivate: A Division of Stacey Poterson Photography!

I am excited to announce I am now offering boudoir photography for my brides or any other engaged or married woman! This new division of photography will be encompassed under the name “Captivate”. Because these are more intimate images I will have a separate private IG and a private FB group (not a public page) to post images with my clients permission. Sorry- no guys allowed!

My heart and vision behind wanting to do boudoir photography is to create a safe non-judgmental space where women can fully embrace the feminine sensuality that we all possess. A place where women can celebrate and love their bodies. To create an experience that helps infuse confidence into women so when they leave the studio they will not only feel beautiful but believe they are. My hope is this experience and belief would carry over into every day life and marriage!

If this type of shoot peeks your interest at all or you know someone who would love this experience- request to be added to this FB group >>  and go follow @captivatesessions on Instagram-

I need to start building my boudoir portfolio, so I will be giving away discounts in the next few days!  Website coming soon!

River {Chandler Headshot Photographer}


Lately, I have been getting lots of younger girls (not seniors) in front of my camera for portfolio and head shots and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  River needed some portfolio images for her acting career.  So we headed to downtown Chandler to get a little mix of urban and rustic.  River hadn’t had a professional photoshoot before and she totally ROCKED it!  I loved her quiet and relaxed demeanor and her “up-for-anything” attitude.  She’s quite a stunning young lady and incredibly sweet.  You can’t tell by looking at the pictures but we got all these amazing shots in 100+ degree Arizona heat and never once did I hear River complain!  She’s a trooper!

Hair and Makeup by Jessica Fierro

River’s mom and two older sisters came along on the shoot, so of course we had to grab a group shot!

John & Nicole {Phoenix Wedding Photographer}

It all started at work.  Nicole had gotten the job, and John just happened to be her boss.  As time went on, mutual interest grew.  I think it’s safe to say she took his breath away!  Because of their working relationship, things could only go so far.  Fortunately, John got another job as a Respiratory Therapist, which freed them to start dating.  That mutual interest grew into love and eventually John got down on one knee at South Mountain.  Nicole, of course, said yes!  Good thing John got that new job as a Respiratory Therapist- helping people with their oxygen needs- because now every time Nicole takes John’s breath away, he has oxygen on hand (phew)!

I had a great time with this sweet couple, even though that Arizona sun was bright and hot.  These two were troopers and made it through 100+ degree heat with smiles on their face. I love how comfortable and relaxed John and Nicole were with each other.  I can already tell that their wedding at The Secret Garden in Phoenix, AZ will be wonderful!