Dallas & Emily- 2 Year Anniversary


I just love this sweet couple!  They are always making each other laugh and I love that about them!!  I’ve photographed their engagement session, their wedding, their 1 year anniversary session and now we ventured out for their 2 year anniversary session!  I truly enjoy the friendship I have with these two & I’m looking forward to many many more sessions with them!

Also, I have to give a little shout-out to Emily’s business.  She hand makes these amazing wood signs, they are all over my house!  Check out her website: www.queenbhome.com.

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Meredith & Scott- South Mountain Engagement

Match.com has done it again!  They paired Meredith and Scott together and they couldn’t have been more right.  These two go together perfectly.  What started online has grown into love and marriage and the promise to have their best friend by their side for the rest of their lives!  After dating for a while you can imagine how excited Meredith was when it came time for Scott to propose.  She had an inclining it was going happen when their date night landed them at a fancy restaurant, but she wasn’t sure.  After getting their table, Scott took out a little black box and gave it to Meredith- she got even more excited.  As she opened the box, expecting to see a ring, she saw…. earrings!  Although, she loved them, it wasn’t what she was hoping for.  After moving on to the porch after dinner, they found a cozy spot by the fire place.  It was then that Meredith finally got was she had been anxiously waiting for, a proposal!  Of course, she said yes!

We headed out to South Mountain for their engagement session and it was beautiful!  I loved watching these two interact.  They have so much fun together and make each other laugh constantly!  I know their wedding at Phoenix Country Club will be a blast!

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Evan & Ryan, Brothers- Gilbert Family Photographer

I always love getting these boys in front of the camera.  I know the session will be a fun filled one with lots of laughs.  A while ago I did a session with Evan to help build his portfolio and use them for acting auditions.  This time we had Ryan join for a brothers session!

Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_001
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_002
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_003
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_004
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_005
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_006
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_007
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_008
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_009
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_010
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_011
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_012
Gilbert Arizona Family Photography_013

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River- Headshots


A little while ago we did a full photoshoot with River– she was amazing in front of the camera.  This  time she wanted to come back for some simple head shots to send in for acting auditions.  I’m excited to see where acting will take her!

Joey & Brittany {Boojum Tree Engagement}

“I want to go, take me!”  That’s how this relationship between Brittany & Joey all started.  Brittany had left that comment on one of Joey’s pictures on Instagram.  He had an extra ticket to the Phoenix Open and Brittany jumped at the opportunity to get to know Joey better.  They had only met once before, at a friends party and, thanks to Instagram they were able to meet again.  This time it would be an unofficial first date.  Fast forward to a few months ago, after giving Brittany a note saying “Check yes or no” Joey got on one knee and proposed to Brittany!  Now she gets to say “I want to go, take me” on all of life’s adventures together with Joey!

We headed to Boojum Tree for their engagement session and I had so much fun with them!  I’m looking forward to their destination wedding to Mexico next year!