Monica-Mesquite High {Gilbert Senior Photographer}

May 9, 2011

FILED IN: Seniors

Meet Monica: fearless, outgoing, and laid-back!  I had a great time with Monica at her shoot!

I met Monica at our previously decided location, only to find when we get there, it has been torn down!!  I’m always on the prowl to find unique locations that haven’t been overused.  I have shot at this location before, and it was awesome, so I was excited to go back to shoot there again.  I was bummed to find out it had been cleared out!  I guess that’s the problem with shooting at locations that are abandoned.  So we had to quickly find another spot to shoot, so we went down the road and found this gem.  I’m so glad Monica was cool about going to a different location-it turned out great!

I love it when seniors are up for anything!  She laid in the rocks, sat on splintered wood, walked (in heels) on broken glass, and sat on things that weren’t super clean.  They sure made for some great shots!

I always encourage seniors to bring a friend along to the shoot, to help them relax, change outfits, and make sure they are looking their best.  So I had Monica’s friend, Brianna, sit in for a shot.  Aren’t they gorgeous?!

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