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7 Things That Happen at Every Wedding

July 4, 2018

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There are things that happen at just about Every. Single. Wedding. But if you’ve never been a bride before, you may not know what to expect!  In my journey of photographing weddings, I’ve noticed a few things that always seem to happen. To help bride’s prepare for their big day, I thought I would share 7 things that happen at just about every wedding.

1. Your dress will get dirty!
It’s impossible to go through out the day without the bottom of your dress getting a little dirty.  It’s normal.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t show in the pictures!

2. Things may run a tad behind.
Punctuality is my jam!  Especially on wedding day.  Being on time helps everyone enjoy the day more and not feel rushed and it allows me to get the images you are wanting.  That being said, it’s ok if we are running 5-10 minutes behind.  I usually build enough buffer time in the timeline to account for that!

3. Three things will get sore… your feet, your cheeks and your arm.
Your feet: because you’ll probably be wearing super cute heels and you’ll be on your feet the majority of the day.  Some brides bring flats to change into for the reception.

Your cheeks: because you will be smiling so much!  I remember on my wedding day, my cheeks got so sore, especially during family portrait time!

You arm:  because you’ll be carrying a big beautiful bouquet all day and I’ll be asking you to hold it at belly button level for pictures.  Your arm may even be sore the next day- those bouquets can get heavy!

4. The day will go by fast. Make sure to take time to enjoy it.
This day that took months to plan will go by in the blink of an eye!  There will be lots to do and places to be, but take a few minutes to take it all in and enjoy it.

5. Your photographer will be with you majority of the day- make sure you like them.
This is pretty self explanatory, but be prepared for your photographer to be with you the most of the day!  

6. Your veil will get tugged and may even fall out- on accident.
This happens All. The. Time.  When I have people pose next to the bride, I usually tell them to wrap their arm around her waist- under the veil!  Sometimes people forget and the veil gets tugged.  But don’t worry, I can usually slide it back in for you if it falls out.

7. Something will not go as planned… roll with it.
It could be something big like rain on your outdoor ceremony, or it could be something little like the flower girl had a growth sprit and now the shoes you picked for her don’t fit.  Roll with it.  Don’t let it steal your joy and overshadow the reason why you are celebrating!

If you’re a bride, I hope this helps you mentally prepare just a little bit better for what to expect!


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