All Because One Man Married One Woman | Why All Couples Need an Album

June 5, 2018

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It’s all because one man married one woman….

It was my grandparent’s 62nd wedding anniversary and my grandpa’s 85th birthday.  The whole family got together to celebrate.  All of their kids, their grandkids and their great grandkids.  We were all there.  As I’m sitting down I look around and see my brother laughing and being goofy, my kids running around like mad men, my mom talking with my cousins catching up on life…

I look over and see my grandma opening birthday & anniversary cards and she’s reading each one aloud to him (he can’t see).  He has a smile on his face as he listens, then he takes the card and passes it to me to read. It’s tradition to pass around cards for the whole family to read- not sure how that came about haha. 

But anyways, as I’m sitting there, I got to thinking…. We are all here because this one man married this one woman.  They started a legacy 62 years ago when they said I do.  A legacy that has lasted 3 generations!  All because one man married one woman.  They chose each other and they kept choosing each other even when things were unbearable, when it wasn’t easy and when personalities clashed.  They were history in the making that day when they said “I do” 62 years ago and I wouldn’t be here if they didn’t choose to get married.

Bride’s and Groom’s… that is you now!  YOU are my grandparents 62 years ago.  You are starting your own history and legacy! There’s going to be a day when you may be surrounded by your entire family and it’s all because of the vows you made on your wedding day!

Because of that here are two reasons why I think wedding albums are a necessity! Yes, a necessity!

  1. It’s an heirloom to pass down from generation to generation. It’s hard to think about now… but one day you may be surrounded by your kids and your grandkids and it’ll be all because one man married one woman… Your wedding day and ultimately your marriage is history in the making and there should be something tangible to pass down to each generation so they can see where it all started.
  2. In marriage, there are going to be times when loving each other isn’t easy. There are going to be lows along with the highs. On the days when love doesn’t feel easy, I hope you will pull out your album and let it serve as a reminder of what it is that you love about your spouse. Remember exactly what it was that made you fall in love and remember the feelings of joy that you felt for each other. Then turn those feelings into actions and show them how much you love them… even when it’s not easy.

Now you know why I love albums so much and why I think it’s a nesessity for every couple to have one!

P.S. Shameless plug— all my wedding collections include album credits so you can have your very own wedding album to have and to hold!

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