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The Top 4 Things To Look for When Hiring a Photographer

June 20, 2018

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We’ve all heard horror stories… 

“My photographer didn’t show up on my wedding day!”

“I never got my images, even though I paid in full!”

“My photographer isn’t responding to me!”

These are unfortunate and horrible situations! The good news is…  if you are hiring a true professional, more than likely, you are NOT going to run into these situations. But I also know how nerve wrecking it can be to spend thousands of dollars on a service you haven’t experienced yet.  This is an investment and you want to make sure you invest wisely. When it comes down to it- you get what you pay for… it’s so cliche but it’s so true. Especially in the photography world. 

Here’s some things to look for when you’re getting ready to hire a professional photographer:

  1. Do you like their work?
    One thing to look for when looking at a photographers work is consistency.  Is the color and editing the same style from image to image? If so, then you know what you can expect your images to look like. Another thing to look at is posing.  Do you like the style of posing in the pics? Is it more formal or relaxed? Does it look natural? Is the photographers posing style what you want your pictures to look like?
  1. Ask to see a complete wedding.
    The images posted on photographers websites and social media are the best of the best images from each wedding they shoot. Which is great, with every wedding, a photographer will have their favorite shots they want to show. But it’s important to see how they photograph the whole wedding…. from getting ready to the reception. It’s good to make sure they have the appropriate gear/lighting for all situations, including dark reception halls.
  2. Make sure to sign a contract.
    Contracts are good to have anytime you are hiring a service based vendor.  Contracts protect both you and the photographer. Good contracts usually cover expectations… things like what will happen if the photographer has an emergency and can’t make it. It should also cover payment and have a payment schedule clearly laid out along with the exact services they are providing. It should also mention their policy on refunds and what they are liable for. Another expectation it should cover is when and how many images you can expect to get.  Also side note: industry standard for final payment due is typically 2-4 weeks before the even date. So if you come across that in a photographers contract, don’t be too alarmed!
  1. Do you like the photographer’s personality?  This is a big one to consider, because the photographer is one of the only vendors that is with you almost the entire day!  So make sure your personalities jive!

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