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When Should You Send Out Wedding Invitations?

November 6, 2018

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Q: When are we supposed to send out wedding invitations? 

A: Usually you send out wedding invites 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Sometimes a little bit earlier if you have international guests coming.

If you’re getting married, this is good information to know!  It’s something I get asked a lot during consultations, especially when we are discussing engagement sessions.  It helps to book the engagement session based on when the couple plans to mail wedding invitations. We usually figure out the month they need to be mailed and then work our way backwards.  We take into account if the couple is sending save-the-dates as well.

I personally think it’s always a great idea to send save the dates (using engagement photos, of course!)

Q: Then the follow up question… when do you send save the dates?

A: If you’re having a local wedding, with majority of local guests, usually you send save the dates 6-8 months before the wedding. If you have a lot of international guests traveling in for the wedding, or are doing a destination wedding, send them 9-10 months prior. 

Which leads to the final question…

Q: When do I schedule the engagement session?

So, you will want to schedule your engagement session about 6-8 weeks before you are planning to mail your saves-the-dates. That gives you enough time to get the images back and get the save the dates designed and printed. 

*oh and just a tip… send save the dates only to those guests who you will also be sending an invitation to. If you’re not planning to invite them to your wedding, do not send them a save the date!* 


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